Prestige Somerville

Prestige Somerville is an upscale residential development located in the vibrant neighborhood of Varthur Road in Whitefield, Bangalore. Spread over 6.58 acres, this project features 306 luxurious units across 2 towers, offering a mix of 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. The 2 BHKs are sized at around 1100 sq ft, while the 3 BHKs come in various sizes ranging from 1400 to 2200 sq ft. The expansive 4 BHKs are about 2800 sq ft. With prices starting at ₹2.18 Crore for 3 BHKs and ₹2.8 Crore for 4 BHKs, Prestige Somerville is designed for those seeking a blend of comfort and elegance in one of Bangalore's most sought-after locales.

Somerville View
Somerville Aerial View

Prestige Somerville Details

Feature Details
Location Varthur Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
Total Area 6.58 Acres
Total Units 306
Number of Towers 2
Apartment Types 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK
Lake Facing Units 50%
No. of Floors G + 17K
2 BHK + 2T Size 1190 sq ft
3 BHK + 3T Sizes 1755, 1770, 1800 sq ft
4 BHK Size 2595 sq ft
Price for 3 BHK Approx ₹2.18 Crore onwards
Price for 4 BHK Approx ₹2.8 Crore onwards
Somerville Aerial View
Prestige Somerville Entrance
Category Details
Possession Dec 2027
RERA Awaiting
Clubhouse No. of Floors - G+2 Floors
Clubhouse Size - 25000 Sft. approx.
Club House Amenities Gymnasium
Party Hall
Badminton Court
Mini Theatre
Indoor Games
TT Table
Pool Table
Steam Room
Sauna Room
Outdoor Amenities Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Cricket Practice Pitch
Kids Play Area

Whitefield, known for its bustling tech parks and cosmopolitan lifestyle, is now home to Prestige Somerville – a project that promises not just a home, but a lifestyle. With its strategic location, Prestige Somerville offers easy access to major IT hubs, top-notch schools, world-class hospitals, and shopping destinations, making it a coveted address in Bangalore.

  • Compact Luxury: 2BR 2T Apartments

The 2BR 2T apartments, covering 1190 sq ft, are perfect for individuals or small families. These units are designed to offer a cozy yet luxurious living experience, with spacious bedrooms, modern bathrooms, and a living area that seamlessly blends with the dining space.

  • Spacious Elegance: 3BR 3T Apartments

For those who desire more room, our 3BR 3T apartments come in sizes of 1755 sq ft, 1770 sq ft, and 1800 sq ft. These apartments are ideal for larger families, offering ample space for comfort, privacy, and entertainment. The thoughtful layout ensures a balance between shared living spaces and private areas.

  • The Ultimate in Sophistication: 3.5BR and 4BR Options

Our 3.5BR 3T units (3BR + 3T + Study), spanning 1945 sq ft, add an extra dimension of luxury with an additional study room, perfect for a home office or a private retreat. The 4BR 5T apartments (4BR + 5T + Maid Room), covering 2595 sq ft, are the pinnacle of luxury living, offering expansive spaces, including a dedicated room for domestic help.

  • Exclusive Duplex Units: A Class Apart

The duplex units in our project are a true symbol of luxury. The 3.5BR 4T Duplex, at 2700 sq ft, and the 4BR 5T Duplex, at 3510 sq ft, offer multi-level living with breathtaking views and unparalleled opulence. These units are designed for those who seek the extraordinary in everyday living.

Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
111.72 SQ.M
70.51 SQ.M
10.71 SQ.M
1203 SQ.FT
759 SQ.FT
115 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
137.57 SQ.M
87.32 SQ.M
12.75 SQ.M
1481 SQ.FT
940 SQ.FT
137 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
131.04 SQ.M
84.59 SQ.M
11.21 SQ.M
1411 SQ.FT
911 SQ.FT
120 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
131.46 SQ.M
84.56 SQ.M
11.91 SQ.M
1415 SQ.FT
910 SQ.FT
128 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
143.72 SQ.M
91.55 SQ.M
11.37 SQ.M
1547 SQ.FT
985 SQ.FT
122 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
111.72 SQ.M
70.51 SQ.M
10.71 SQ.M
1203 SQ.FT
759 SQ.FT
115 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
168.87 SQ.M
107.65 SQ.M
15.51 SQ.M
1818 SQ.FT
1159 SQ.FT
166 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
164.74 SQ.M
104.39 SQ.M
15.98 SQ.M
1773 SQ.FT
1124 SQ.FT
172 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
166.08 SQ.M
104.33 SQ.M
16.68 SQ.M
1788 SQ.FT
1123 SQ.FT
179 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
182.30 SQ.M
115.49 SQ.M
18.85 SQ.M
1962 SQ.FT
1243 SQ.FT
202 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
E (d)
253.09 SQ.M
161.12 SQ.M
23.62 SQ.M
E (d)
2724 SQ.FT
1734 SQ.FT
254 SQ.FT
E (d)
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
243.05 SQ.M
159.67 SQ.M
19.95 SQ.M
2616 SQ.FT
1719 SQ.FT
214 SQ.FT
Unit Type
Saleable Area
Carpet Area
Balcony + Utility Area
329.15 SQ.M
211.65 SQ.M
28.54 SQ.M
3543 SQ.FT
2278 SQ.FT
307 SQ.FT

Master Plan

master plan prestige somerville
master plan numbering prestige somerville

Key Highlights of the Master Plan:

  1. Strategic Layout: Spread over 6 acres, Prestige Somerville features a thoughtful layout with 2 grand towers housing a total of 350 luxurious units. The project is designed to offer ample space, privacy, and a sense of community.

  2. Diverse Apartment Options: The project offers a range of apartment types including 2, 3, and 4 BHK units. The 2 BHK apartments are around 1100 sq ft, while 3 BHK units are available in sizes of 1400, 1600, and 2200 sq ft. The 4 BHK units are approximately 2800 sq ft each, catering to various family sizes and lifestyle needs.

  3. Green Spaces and Landscaping: The master plan incorporates lush greenery and beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a serene and refreshing environment within the urban setting. These green spaces are designed for relaxation and recreation, enhancing the quality of life for residents.

  4. Amenities and Facilities: Prestige Somerville is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, play areas, and more, all designed as per the master plan to offer convenience and luxury.

  5. Connectivity and Accessibility: Located in Whitefield, the project offers excellent connectivity to major IT hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers, making it a prime location for residents.

In conclusion, the master plan of Prestige Somerville is a testament to thoughtful planning and design, aiming to provide a balanced and upscale living experience in one of Bangalore’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

master Plan
Numbering plan


Prestige Somerville, spread across 6 acres and featuring 350 units in 2 towers, offers a range of apartment sizes and configurations, each priced to match its value and luxury quotient.

  1. 2 BHK Apartments: These compact yet luxurious units, measuring around 1100 sq ft, are ideal for small families or individuals. The pricing is strategically set to cater to professionals looking for a blend of comfort and convenience in a prime location.

  2. 3 BHK Apartments: The 3 BHK variants come in sizes of 1400, 1600, and 2200 sq ft. Prices for these spacious apartments start from ₹2.18 Crore onwards, offering a perfect balance of luxury and value for medium to large families or those who desire extra space.

  3. 4 BHK Apartments: At about 2800 sq ft, the 4 BHK apartments are the pinnacle of luxury at Prestige Somerville. With prices beginning at ₹2.8 Crore onwards, these units are designed for those who seek expansive living spaces and the finest lifestyle amenities.

Value for Money The pricing at Prestige Somerville is a reflection of the quality, luxury, and lifestyle it offers. Each unit is designed with attention to detail and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring that residents get the best value for their investment. Moreover, the location in Whitefield adds to the property’s value, given its proximity to IT hubs, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Investment Perspective From an investment point of view, Prestige Somerville presents a lucrative opportunity. The real estate market in Whitefield has been witnessing a steady appreciation, making it an ideal choice for long-term investments. The combination of luxury, location, and brand reputation makes these apartments a promising asset.

living area

Location and Connectivity

Prestige Somerville, a luxurious residential project by the renowned Prestige Group, is ideally situated on Marathahalli – Whitefield Road, opposite Sigma Tech Park, near the new Cloud 9 Hospital. This prime location offers outstanding connectivity to key locations in Bangalore, making it an ideal choice for professionals and families alike.

Strategic Location and Easy Accessibility Nestled in a strategic spot, Prestige Somerville boasts excellent connectivity to several prominent areas in Bangalore. Its proximity to major IT hubs, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and metro stations makes it a highly desirable residential destination.

Connectivity Highlights from Prestige Somerville

  1. Shopping and Leisure: Just 1 km away from Nexus Mall, Whitefield, residents can enjoy a short 5-minute drive for a shopping spree or a movie night. The Brookefield Mall is also conveniently located at a distance of 4.5 km, a mere 12-minute drive.

  2. Healthcare Access: For healthcare needs, Manipal Hospital, Whitefield is only a kilometer away, ensuring medical facilities are within easy reach.

  3. IT Hubs and Workplaces: Prestige Somerville is in close proximity to several IT parks, including ITPL at 6 km and Cessna Business Park at 7 km, making it a perfect residence for IT professionals. RMZ Eco Space and RMZ Eco World, key business parks, are within an 8.5-9 km radius.

  4. Metro Connectivity: The Nallurhalli and Hopefarm Junction Metro Stations are both approximately 5.5 km away, facilitating easy travel across the city.

  5. Educational Institutions: The project is well-connected to several reputed schools and colleges, making it a family-friendly location.

  6. Road Connectivity: The area’s connectivity is further enhanced by its proximity to major roads and flyovers, including KR Puram Flyover and Silk Board Flyover, ensuring smooth travel to different parts of Bangalore.

  7. Airport Access: For air travel, the Kempegowda International Airport is about 48 km away, approximately a 1 hour and 10-minute drive, allowing for convenient national and international travel.

Prestige Somerville’s location on Marathahalli – Whitefield Road positions it perfectly for individuals and families looking for a home that offers both luxury and convenience. Its exceptional connectivity to shopping centers, hospitals, IT hubs, metro stations, and major roads makes it an ideal choice for those who value ease of access in their daily lives. Living in Prestige Somerville means embracing a lifestyle where the best of Bangalore is just a drive away.

Entrance View


Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is not just the capital city of Karnataka, but also the bustling epicenter of India’s high-tech industry. Known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is a city that seamlessly blends its rich cultural heritage with its status as a modern, cosmopolitan tech hub.

The Evolution of Bangalore Historically known for its lush gardens and pleasant climate, Bangalore has evolved into a city that’s a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. This transformation is largely due to its booming IT sector, attracting professionals from across India and the world.

The IT Hub of India Bangalore’s status as the IT capital is underscored by the presence of numerous multinational corporations and a thriving startup ecosystem. This has not only fueled the city’s economy but also shaped its character as a tech-savvy and innovative urban center.

Cultural Melting Pot The city is also a cultural melting pot, hosting numerous festivals, art exhibitions, and concerts, reflecting the diversity of its population. From traditional Kannada festivals to contemporary art shows, Bangalore offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences.

Educational and Research Institutions Bangalore is home to some of India’s premier educational and research institutions, attracting students and academics from across the globe. Institutions like the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) are renowned for their academic excellence.

Green Spaces and Pleasant Climate Despite its rapid urbanization, Bangalore has managed to retain its green spaces. The city is dotted with parks like Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden, offering residents and visitors a respite from the urban sprawl. The city is also famous for its generally pleasant climate throughout the year.

Culinary Scene and Nightlife Bangalore’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population, offering everything from local Kannada cuisine to international delicacies. The city’s nightlife is vibrant, with a plethora of pubs and breweries, making it a favorite among the younger population.

Real Estate and Infrastructure Development The real estate market in Bangalore has been booming, driven by the IT sector’s growth. This has led to the development of world-class infrastructure, making the city an attractive destination for living and doing business.

Prestige Group's Role in Bangalore Real Estate

The Prestige Group, established in 1986, has played a pivotal role in transforming Bangalore’s real estate sector. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the Prestige Group has become synonymous with luxury living and cutting-edge commercial spaces in Bangalore, contributing significantly to the city’s urban landscape.

Prestige Group’s Impact on Bangalore’s Real Estate The Prestige Group’s journey in real estate development in Bangalore is marked by a series of landmark projects that have redefined the city’s skyline. With a portfolio that spans across residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality sectors, Prestige has been instrumental in setting new benchmarks for architectural design and functionality.

Residential Developments In the residential sector, Prestige Group has a diverse range of offerings, from affordable housing to ultra-luxury apartments and villas. Their residential projects are designed with an emphasis on aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Developments like Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige White Meadows, and Prestige Golfshire have become synonymous with luxury living in Bangalore.

Commercial and Retail Ventures Prestige’s impact is not limited to residential projects. The company has also developed some of the most iconic commercial buildings and tech parks in Bangalore, catering to the booming IT industry. Projects like Prestige Tech Park and Prestige Shantiniketan have become landmarks in their own right, housing numerous multinational corporations.

Similarly, in the retail sector, Prestige Group has developed shopping malls like UB City and Forum Mall, which have redefined the shopping experience in Bangalore, offering a mix of high-end retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Innovation and Quality What sets Prestige Group apart is its commitment to innovation and quality. The group has been a pioneer in adopting new construction technologies and sustainable practices, ensuring that their projects are not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Customer Trust and Brand Value Over the years, Prestige Group has earned the trust of thousands of customers, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, transparency, and ethical business practices. The brand Prestige is now synonymous with reliability and excellence in the Bangalore real estate market.


Varthur, a prominent suburb located in the eastern part of Bangalore, is a unique blend of traditional roots and modern developments. Known for its scenic Varthur Lake and as a key player in the city’s IT boom, Varthur presents a fascinating study in urban development.

Varthur’s Location and Connectivity Varthur is strategically situated in the IT corridor of Bangalore, bordered by areas like Whitefield and Marathahalli. This location has made it an attractive spot for IT professionals, given its proximity to major tech parks and business centers. The suburb is well-connected by roads, with the Outer Ring Road and HAL Old Airport Road enhancing its accessibility. Another upcoming project in Varthur is Prestige Raintree Park, a luxury township of 3 & 4 bhk apartments. 

Real Estate Growth The real estate sector in Varthur has seen a significant boom in recent years. With the IT explosion in neighboring areas like Whitefield, there has been a surge in demand for residential spaces in Varthur. The area offers a range of housing options, from affordable apartments to high-end villas, catering to a diverse demographic.

Varthur Lake One of the key landmarks in Varthur is the Varthur Lake, the second largest lake in Bangalore. It is a vital water source and a popular spot for local recreation. Efforts are being made to restore and maintain the lake, highlighting the community’s commitment to preserving their natural resources.

Amenities and Lifestyle Varthur is equipped with all the essential amenities, including schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment zones. The area also boasts of a vibrant culinary scene, with a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes.

Cultural Diversity The suburb reflects a diverse cultural milieu, with residents from different parts of India and the world. This diversity has led to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, with various cultural events and festivals being celebrated with enthusiasm.

Challenges and Opportunities Like many rapidly developing suburbs, Varthur faces challenges such as traffic congestion and infrastructure strain. However, ongoing development projects and government initiatives are focused on improving these aspects and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.


Whitefield, once a quaint settlement on the outskirts of Bangalore, has metamorphosed into a bustling IT hub and a cosmopolitan residential area. This transformation, propelled by the IT boom, has placed Whitefield at the forefront of Bangalore’s rapid urbanization and growth.

  1. The Evolution of Whitefield Originally an Anglo-Indian settlement, Whitefield’s transformation began in the late 1990s with the IT revolution. Home to major IT parks like International Tech Park (ITPB) and EPIP Zone, Whitefield has attracted global IT giants and startups alike, catalyzing its growth into a major suburb.
  2. Connectivity and Infrastructure Whitefield’s connectivity to the rest of Bangalore has been a key factor in its growth. Well-connected by road, and soon to be linked by the Namma Metro project, the area offers easy access to the city center and other major localities. The infrastructure development, including wide roads, flyovers, and public utilities, has kept pace with its growth, although traffic congestion remains a challenge.
  3. Real Estate and Residential Growth The real estate sector in Whitefield has witnessed exponential growth, with a surge in residential projects ranging from affordable housing to luxury villas and gated communities. This growth is fueled by the demand from the IT workforce and expatriates seeking quality living close to their workplace.
  4. Commercial and Retail Boom Whitefield is not just an IT hub but also a commercial and retail paradise. Malls like Phoenix MarketCity and Forum Value Mall offer a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The area also hosts various hotels, convention centers, and business establishments.
  5. Educational Institutions and Healthcare Facilities The locality boasts of reputed educational institutions and healthcare facilities, making it a preferred choice for families. Schools like Whitefield Global School and healthcare facilities like Columbia Asia Hospital are among the best in Bangalore.
  6. Green Spaces and Leisure Activities Despite rapid urbanization, Whitefield has managed to retain green spaces and offers various leisure activities. Parks and lakes in the area provide respite from the urban environment, while clubs and recreational centers cater to the lifestyle needs of its cosmopolitan residents.
  7. Challenges and Future Prospects While Whitefield’s growth has been impressive, it has also brought challenges like traffic congestion and infrastructural strain. However, with ongoing development projects and government initiatives, Whitefield is poised for further growth and improvement in livability.


Located in the southeastern part of Bangalore, Marathahalli is a bustling suburb known for its unique blend of traditional roots and modern developments. Once a quaint village, Marathahalli has transformed into a vibrant urban center, thanks to Bangalore’s IT boom. This transformation has made Marathahalli a sought-after destination for both residential and commercial purposes.

  • Connectivity and Accessibility
    One of Marathahalli’s biggest advantages is its excellent connectivity. Strategically located close to the HAL Airport, it is well-connected to major areas of Bangalore through the Outer Ring Road (ORR). This makes commuting to IT hubs like Whitefield, Electronic City, and the ITPL much more convenient. The suburb also enjoys good public transport facilities, including a network of BMTC buses.
  • Real Estate and Residential Life
    The real estate market in Marathahalli has seen a significant upswing, attracting both developers and homebuyers. The area offers a range of housing options, from affordable apartments to high-end luxury complexes, catering to the diverse needs of its residents. The presence of several IT parks and commercial spaces has made Marathahalli a preferred location for professionals.
  • Shopping and Entertainment
    Marathahalli is a shopper’s paradise, known for its factory outlets and street markets where one can find branded clothes at bargain prices. The area also houses several malls, multiplexes, and entertainment zones, providing ample opportunities for leisure and recreation. The Phoenix MarketCity and VR Mall are popular destinations for shopping and entertainment.
  • Educational Institutions and Healthcare Facilities
    The suburb is home to several reputed schools and colleges, making it an ideal location for families. Educational institutions like New Horizon College of Engineering and MVJ College of Engineering are located in and around Marathahalli. The area also boasts of quality healthcare facilities with hospitals like Sakra World Hospital and Yashomati Hospitals providing excellent medical care.
  • Culinary Scene and Nightlife
    Marathahalli’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. From traditional South Indian eateries to international cuisine restaurants, the suburb caters to all taste buds. The area also enjoys a vibrant nightlife with numerous pubs and cafes, making it a popular spot for the younger crowd.
  • Green Spaces and Serenity
    Despite its rapid urbanization, Marathahalli has managed to retain pockets of greenery. Parks and lakes in and around the area offer a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, providing serene spaces for relaxation and recreation.

Marathahalli is a perfect example of Bangalore’s growth trajectory, mirroring the city’s transition from a quiet retirement town to a bustling IT hub. With its mix of modern amenities and traditional charm, Marathahalli continues to attract people from all walks of life, making it one of Bangalore’s most dynamic and diverse suburbs.


Drop off Area View

Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its residential sector, especially in the domain of apartment living. Amidst this evolution, the Prestige Group has emerged as a key player, significantly shaping the landscape of luxurious and comfortable living spaces in the city.

Bangalore’s Apartment Culture As Bangalore grew into a bustling metropolis, driven by its IT boom, the demand for residential apartments saw a steep rise. This shift towards apartment living can be attributed to factors like urbanization, the influx of a diverse workforce, and the need for community living with modern amenities. Today, Bangalore’s skyline is dotted with apartment complexes catering to various lifestyle needs and budgets.

Prestige Group’s Role in Shaping Apartment Living The Prestige Group, since its inception in 1986, has been at the forefront of redefining apartment living in Bangalore. Known for its emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer-centric design, the group has developed some of the most prestigious and luxurious apartment complexes in the city.

Diverse Portfolio of Prestige Apartments The Prestige Group’s portfolio spans across the city, offering a wide range of options from affordable to ultra-luxury apartments. Each project is a testament to the group’s commitment to excellence, with a focus on design aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Some iconic Prestige apartment projects in Bangalore include Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige Shantiniketan, and Prestige Falcon City, each offering a unique living experience.

Innovative Features and Amenities Prestige apartments are known for their state-of-the-art amenities and innovative features. These include world-class clubhouses, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and more. The emphasis on creating a holistic living environment is evident in every project, making Prestige apartments more than just a home; they are a lifestyle statement.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction Over the years, Prestige Group has earned the trust of thousands of residents in Bangalore, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. The group’s focus on understanding customer needs and delivering beyond expectations has set a benchmark in the real estate sector.

Why choose Prestige Apartments in Bangalore

Exterior View

In the bustling city of Bangalore, known for its dynamic IT industry and vibrant lifestyle, choosing the right home is crucial. Prestige Apartments, developed by the renowned Prestige Group, stand out as a preferred choice for many, offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

1. Unmatched Quality and Luxury Prestige Group, with its long-standing reputation, is synonymous with quality and luxury. Their apartments in Bangalore are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each unit is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable. From the architecture to the choice of materials, every aspect reflects a commitment to excellence.

2. Wide Range of Options Whether you’re a single professional, a couple, or a family, Prestige Apartments cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. With a portfolio that includes everything from cozy 2 BHKs to expansive 4 BHKs and penthouses, there’s something for everyone. This versatility makes Prestige Apartments a suitable choice for varied lifestyles and budgets.

3. State-of-the-Art Amenities Living in a Prestige apartment means having access to world-class amenities. These include state-of-the-art clubhouses, swimming pools, fitness centers, and landscaped gardens. The focus on providing a holistic living experience ensures that residents enjoy a blend of relaxation, fitness, and social engagement within their living space.

4. Strategic Locations Prestige Apartments are strategically located across Bangalore, offering excellent connectivity to major IT hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers. This ensures that residents have convenient access to everything they need, making daily life easier and more enjoyable.

5. Commitment to Sustainability The Prestige Group is known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Their projects often incorporate green spaces, water conservation systems, and energy-efficient designs, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

6. Strong Community Living Prestige Apartments are not just about individual units; they foster a sense of community. With various community events, clubs, and activities, residents get to be part of a vibrant and inclusive community, enhancing the quality of social life.

7. Investment Value Investing in a Prestige apartment in Bangalore is not just about buying a home; it’s about investing in a valuable asset. Given the brand’s reputation and the city’s growing real estate market, these apartments promise good returns and appreciation over time.


Connectivity is the lifeline of any bustling metropolis, and Bangalore, the IT capital of India, is no exception. As the city expands and evolves, the importance of efficient connectivity in navigating its urban landscape becomes increasingly paramount.

The State of Connectivity in Bangalore Bangalore’s growth as a major tech hub has been accompanied by rapid urban expansion. This growth, while impressive, has posed challenges in terms of connectivity, with traffic congestion being a primary concern for its residents. However, the city has been continuously working towards improving its connectivity through various infrastructural developments.

Road Infrastructure The city’s road network is extensive, with major highways and arterial roads connecting different parts. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the Inner Ring Road (IRR) play a crucial role in traffic movement around the city. Efforts like signal-free corridors and flyovers have been implemented to ease congestion.

Public Transport: A Mixed Bag Bangalore’s public transport system, primarily consisting of buses (operated by BMTC) and the Namma Metro, is the backbone of the city’s connectivity. The BMTC’s extensive network covers the entire city, while the Metro, still under expansion, aims to connect major points across Bangalore. Despite these, the need for more comprehensive public transport solutions is evident.

Namma Metro: The Game Changer The Namma Metro, once fully operational, is expected to be a game-changer in terms of connectivity. It aims to reduce dependency on road transport and make commuting faster and more efficient. The ongoing expansion of the Metro network is keenly anticipated by the residents.

Connectivity to Tech Parks and Key Areas A significant aspect of Bangalore’s connectivity is the link between residential areas and tech parks. With a large population commuting to IT hubs like Whitefield, Electronic City, and Manyata Tech Park, efficient connectivity to these areas is crucial. Initiatives like dedicated bus services and improved road infrastructure have been beneficial.

Challenges and Future Prospects While Bangalore has made strides in improving connectivity, challenges like traffic congestion, inadequate public transport coverage, and urban sprawl remain. Plans include further expansion of the Metro network, smart traffic management systems, and sustainable transport solutions like cycling and walking pathways.


View from the balcony
  1. Prime Location: Nestled in the heart of Whitefield, the development is close to major IT firms and job hubs, making it ideal for professionals working in the area.

  2. Convenience and Accessibility: Proximity to educational institutions, healthcare centers, and shopping areas provides unparalleled convenience and easy access to essential services.

  3. Luxury Living: The apartments are designed with a focus on luxury and comfort, offering a high standard of living.

  4. Diverse Unit Types: With a range of unit types available, residents can choose an apartment that best fits their lifestyle and family needs.

  5. Community Living: Being part of a large development fosters a sense of community and belonging among residents.

  6. Modern Amenities: The project likely includes modern amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, and green spaces, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

  7. Investment Value: Given its location and the prestige associated with the development, owning an apartment here could be a valuable investment, potentially appreciating over time.

  8. Security and Safety: Such premium developments often have excellent security measures in place, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residents.

  9. Eco-friendly Living: The project might incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns.

  10. Cultural Hub: Whitefield is known for its cosmopolitan culture, offering a vibrant lifestyle with various cultural, dining, and entertainment options.

These benefits make Prestige Rain Tree Park an attractive option for those seeking a balance of luxury, convenience, and community in Bangalore.


Club House

In the rapidly evolving urban landscape of Bangalore, residential complexes are not just about the homes but also about the amenities they offer. These amenities play a crucial role in enhancing the lifestyle of the residents. Prestige Group is renowned for its focus on providing an array of world-class amenities in its projects. Here are some amenities offered by Prestige Somerville

Swimming Pool

A large, well-maintained swimming pool for relaxation and fitness, possibly including a kids' pool area.


A spacious and well-equipped clubhouse serving as a central hub for socializing, events, and community gatherings.


A state-of-the-art gym with modern fitness equipment catering to health and wellness enthusiasts.

Landscaped Gardens

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Children’s Play Area

Keeping younger residents in mind, Prestige complexes usually have dedicated children’s play areas, ensuring a fun and safe environment for kids to play.

Sports Facilities

Facilities for various sports like tennis, basketball, badminton, and possibly a mini-golf course.

Jogging and Cycling Tracks

Dedicated tracks for jogging and cycling, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Security Systems

Advanced security systems including CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and controlled access, ensuring the safety and security of residents.

Power Backup

Full power backup facilities to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply.

Water Supply and Management

Efficient water supply and management systems, often including rainwater harvesting.

Community Hall

A multipurpose hall for events, parties, and community activities.

Spa and Wellness Center

A spa and wellness center offering services like massages and therapies.


An outdoor amphitheater for cultural events, shows, and community activities.

Convenience Stores

Retail spaces or convenience stores within the complex for daily necessities

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Features like solar energy utilization, waste management systems, and eco-friendly construction materials.

These amenities not only provide comfort and convenience but also foster a sense of community and belonging among the residents, making Prestige Rain Tree Park a desirable place to live.


Prestige Rain Tree Park Photos

Rendering & Models


Buyers' Guide

Prestige Sommerville, a luxurious residential project in the bustling neighborhood of Whitefield, Bangalore, offers an array of sophisticated living options. If you’re considering purchasing an apartment here, this guide will walk you through the essential steps and information needed for a smooth buying process.

Buying Process

  1. Research and Visit: Start by researching online and then visit Prestige Rain Tree Park to experience the property firsthand. Assess different apartment types, amenities, and the overall ambiance of the community.

  2. Selection of Unit: Choose an apartment that fits your needs, whether it’s a 2BHK for a smaller family or a more spacious 4BHK for larger families.

  3. Booking and Initial Payment: Once you’ve selected your unit, you’ll need to make an initial booking payment. This step typically involves filling out a booking form and providing necessary personal details.

Steps to Purchase

  1. Consultation with the Sales Team: Engage with the sales team to understand the details of the property, including pricing, payment plans, and any current offers or discounts.

  2. Verification of Documents: Before proceeding, ensure that all property-related documents are verified for authenticity.

  3. Finalizing the Deal: After verification, you can finalize the deal by signing a sales agreement and making the necessary payments according to the payment plan.

Legal and Documentation

  1. Sale Agreement: This is a crucial legal document outlining the terms and conditions of the sale.

  2. No Objection Certificates (NOCs): The developer should provide NOCs from various authorities, ensuring the legality of the construction.

  3. Title Deed: Verify the title deed to ensure the developer has the rightful ownership of the land.

  4. Approval Plan: Ensure the project is approved by the Bangalore Development Authority or relevant municipal corporation.

Financing Options

  1. Home Loans: Most buyers opt for home loans. It’s advisable to compare offers from different banks and financial institutions to get the best deal.

  2. Payment Plans: Enquire about different payment plans offered by the developer to suit your financial capability.

Mortgage Information

  1. Eligibility: Check your loan eligibility, which is usually a function of your income, age, employment status, and other debts.

  2. Interest Rates: Be aware of the interest rates, which can be fixed or floating, and understand how they affect your EMI.

  3. Loan Tenure: Decide on the loan tenure. Longer tenures mean lower EMIs but higher interest payouts.

Partnership with Banks

Prestige Rain Tree Park often partners with reputed banks to offer easier financing options. These partnerships can provide:

  1. Pre-Approved Loans: For a faster loan approval process.
  2. Competitive Interest Rates: Beneficial rates exclusively for buyers in the project.
  3. Special Offers: Processing fee waivers or special schemes during festive seasons.


Luxury Address

Prestige Somerville is located in a prestigious address, offering a luxurious residential experience. The project is designed to reflect opulence and sophistication in every aspect.

Prime Location

The neighborhood is well-connected to major business hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers, providing residents with convenience and accessibility.

Trusted Developer

Prestige Group, the developer behind Prestige Somerville, is renowned for its commitment to excellence and quality in the real estate industry.

Luxury Apartments

Prestige Somerville offers a collection of luxurious apartments, meticulously designed with exquisite interiors, spacious layouts, and premium finishes. These villas provide residents with a haven of elegance, comfort, and modern amenities, elevating the concept of luxurious living.

The Prestige Legacy

Prestige Group, the developer of Prestige Somerville, has an illustrious legacy in the real estate industry. With decades of experience, the group has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Prestige Somerville upholds this legacy by delivering homes that reflect the group's hallmark of excellence.

Location Advantage

Nestled in Varthur, Bangalore, Prestige Somerville enjoys a strategic location that offers numerous advantages. Residents have easy access to key destinations like business centers, commercial establishments, entertainment hubs, and recreational spots, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and vibrant lifestyle.


Prestige Somerville benefits from excellent connectivity, with well-established road networks and transportation facilities. The project offers seamless access to major highways, ensuring smooth connectivity to other parts of the city. This connectivity makes commuting to work, schools, and other areas convenient and hassle-free.

Proximity to IT Hubs

Being located in Whitefield, Bangalore, Prestige Somerville enjoys proximity to major IT hubs and technology parks. This makes it an attractive residential choice for professionals working in the IT industry, offering the convenience of shorter commute times and a perfect work-life balance.

Educational Institutions and Healthcare Units

Prestige Somerville is surrounded by reputed educational institutions, including schools and colleges, ensuring excellent educational opportunities for families. Additionally, there are renowned healthcare facilities and hospitals in close proximity, providing residents with access to quality medical care and ensuring their well-being.


Prestige Somerville enjoys a prime location that offers a perfect blend of urban conveniences and natural beauty. The neighborhood provides excellent connectivity to major business hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers. Residents can enjoy the best of both worlds, with easy access to everyday amenities and a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Connectivity is a key advantage of Prestige Somerville, with well-established road networks and transportation facilities in the vicinity. The project ensures seamless connectivity to other parts of the city, making commuting convenient for residents. It also benefits from its proximity to major IT hubs, making it an attractive choice for professionals working in the tech industry.

Families residing in Prestige Somerville will appreciate the project’s proximity to reputed educational institutions, offering excellent schooling options for their children. The presence of healthcare facilities and hospitals in the vicinity ensures access to quality medical care, promoting the well-being and safety of residents.

The developer, Prestige Group, has a legacy of delivering exceptional projects and is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With Prestige Somerville, the group continues to uphold its reputation by offering homes that exemplify luxury, comfort, and contemporary design.

At Prestige Somerville, residents are greeted with a range of amenities that cater to their lifestyle needs. These include landscaped gardens, a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, children’s play area, and more. The project creates an environment that promotes relaxation, recreation, and community bonding.

Prestige Somerville is more than just a residential project; it is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in real estate. Whether it’s the luxurious villas, prime location advantages, or the developer’s legacy, every aspect of this project is designed to create a truly elevated living experience for its residents.

IT Connectivity

The area is well-connected to major parts of the city and is in close proximity to many prominent IT corridors, making it a desirable location for IT professionals.

Amenities and Features

The development features residential complexes, commercial spaces, parks, green spaces, clubhouses, and more. It's designed with a City in Sync approach, aiming to meet the prime aspect of the luxury lifestyle.

Timely Completion

Prestige Group is known to deliver projects on time.


Location and Connectivity

Prestige Somerville enjoys a prime location in Whitefield, Bangalore, offering residents the advantage of being situated in a rapidly developing and sought-after area. The location provides a perfect balance between urban conveniences and natural surroundings, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle for residents.

The project’s strategic location offers excellent connectivity to various parts of the city, making commuting convenient and hassle-free. The well-established road networks, including major highways and arterial roads, ensure smooth connectivity to important destinations within Bangalore. Residents can easily access business hubs, commercial centers, shopping malls, and entertainment zones, saving valuable time and effort in their daily commute.

Additionally, Prestige Somerville benefits from its proximity to major IT hubs and technology parks in Whitefield Bangalore. This is a significant advantage for professionals working in the IT industry, as it allows for shorter commute times and a better work-life balance.

The location of Prestige Somerville also offers easy access to a wide range of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. Families with children can choose from renowned educational options within a short distance from the project, ensuring quality education and a seamless learning experience.

In terms of healthcare facilities, Prestige Somerville is conveniently located near reputed hospitals and medical centers. Residents can access quality healthcare services without having to travel long distances, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.

Furthermore, the neighborhood surrounding Prestige Somerville is witnessing rapid development and growth. The area boasts a thriving social infrastructure, including restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, and recreational facilities. Residents can explore and indulge in a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options in close proximity to their homes.

Overall, the location of Prestige Somerville offers residents the best of both worlds – the convenience of urban amenities and the tranquility of natural surroundings. The excellent connectivity and proximity to key destinations make it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and vibrant lifestyle in Bangalore.


About Prestige Group

The Prestige Group is a renowned and trusted real estate developer that has established a remarkable presence in the Indian real estate market. With over three decades of experience, the group has earned a strong reputation for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1986 by Mr. Razack Sattar, the Prestige Group has grown to become one of the leading developers in the country. The group’s portfolio includes a diverse range of residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects. With a focus on creating exceptional living and working spaces, the Prestige Group has successfully delivered numerous landmark projects across major cities in India.

One of the key strengths of the Prestige Group lies in its emphasis on architectural excellence and meticulous attention to detail. The group collaborates with renowned architects and design consultants to ensure that each project reflects the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and functionality. From contemporary designs to sustainable features, the Prestige Group continually strives to set new benchmarks in the industry.

The Prestige Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its approach to project execution. The group places great importance on timely delivery, transparency, and ethical business practices. Through effective project management and stringent quality control processes, the Prestige Group ensures that every homebuyer or investor receives a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Over the years, the Prestige Group has received numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding contributions to the real estate sector. These accolades recognize the group’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development practices. The group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is also evident through its initiatives in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

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Investment Potential

Investing in Prestige Somerville presents a promising opportunity for potential investors due to several factors that contribute to its investment potential:

Prestige Group's Reputation

The developer, Prestige Group, has a strong track record and a reputable presence in the real estate industry. Investing in a project by a trusted and established developer enhances the credibility and reliability of the investment.

Prime Location:

Prestige Somerville's location in Whitefield, Bangalore is considered a prime area that is witnessing rapid growth and development. Such locations tend to attract increased demand and offer potential for capital appreciation over time.

Growing Demand for Villas

Villas are a sought-after housing option, particularly for families seeking spacious and luxurious living spaces. With Prestige Somerville offering well-designed villas with premium amenities, the project caters to the growing demand for such properties.

Proximity to IT Hubs

Whitefield is known for its proximity to major IT parks and tech corridors. This presents an advantage in attracting professionals working in the IT sector, creating a potential rental market for investors targeting this demographic.

Development Potential

With Prestige Somerville being spread across 28 acres of land, there may be potential for further development within the project in the future. Additional amenities or facilities could enhance the value of the project and potentially increase the return on investment.

Infrastructure Development

The ongoing infrastructure development in the vicinity, such as improved roads, transportation networks, and civic amenities, can positively impact the investment potential of Prestige Somerville. Enhanced infrastructure often leads to increased property values and better connectivity.

Rental Income Potential

The demand for quality rental properties remains high in growing cities like Bangalore. Investors in Prestige Somerville may have the opportunity to generate rental income from their villas, providing a potential return on investment and cash flow.

Resale Value

The prestige associated with the developer, prime location, and quality construction of Prestige Somerville can contribute to the project's potential for good resale value in the future. This can be advantageous for investors looking to exit their investment with a profitable return.

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